Lush and lively, Urban Hijau’s site is a living and breathing showcase of the potential of permaculture in an urban space. Since 2015, the team at Urban Hijau has poured time and effort to transform the site into a model for sustainable practices for both the nearby TTDI community and the wider KL area. The site, which is a nearly one acre sloped area, is designed to be an educational and aesthetic experience for new visitors. 

Permaculture Design

Permaculture as a design philosophy is at the heart of Urban Hijau’s creation. Urban Hijau’s site is based on an intentional design to maximize the use of natural elements that are available, just as downward water flow and sunlight exposure. We try to employ a variety of different systems and processes that are in line with making Urban Hijau a truly resource independent urban farm. This includes creating different soil mixes, aquaculture, polyculture, and vermicomposting. Our site is sectioned into zones based on the need and access for various farming resources and making an easy pathway for our team and visitors to interact with as much of the farm as possible.  

Biodiverse Ecosystem

Since the beginning, Urban Hijau has sought to become a thriving ecosystem with a variety of fruits, veggies and herbs, free from pesticides. Our most recent crop count on the site demonstrated over 150 different edible species of plants, and we seem to find a new unrecognizable species every week. Our crops include common kitchen veggies from spinach to lettuce to the more elusive varieties of native herbs. Our focus is on boosting the growth of local plants for local consumption, and encouraging buyers to add these options to their existing palate. 

Aside from edible varieties, Urban Hijau actively grows plants that add both form and function to the site. We have an array of flowering plants that have a dual use of beautifying while being a pest control, such as marigold. Verifier grass is another favorite on the site, as it grips the soil with its roots and prevents erosion at our sloping areas.  

Sustainable Systems 

Urban Hijau is proud to have installed systems of urban sustainability on its site. These systems function both as production houses and educational showpieces. We have a 300 square foot aquaponics unit, which is a closed loop unit circulating nutrient rich water from a fish pool to be filtered to towers of our organic veggies. 

We have a 400 square foot greenhouse, offering a controlled environment to maximize the yield of our veggie harvest, along with open raised beds that greet visitors upon entering. 

We have active vermicompost and hot compost stations processing nearly one ton of food waste a month. Rain water harvesting units, seed and sapling nursery, chicken coop, mandala gardens and banana circles are also sustainable elements actively used on our site.