Kids Farm Tour and Planting Activities

Kids and Clean Organic Farms = FUN!

Having all the groups of kids who have already come to our farm has surely surprised us. It is so impressive how much they can remember just after about an hour of the farm tour!

3 year olds knowing what rakes are is just amazing! (For those who don’t know 🙂 please click at the rakes link.) The kids get to relate what they have seen on their books and even remember specific plants names like reeds, grasses, fruit trees etc. at the farm and their functions.

Kids looking at plants in the farm

For older kids the experience is different as they also get to relate with more complex natuta cycles they they learn at home or at school.

Going through the farm and looking at the diversity and actually seeing the bananas and corn actually growing on the plant can also break some of the misconceived ideas the many modern children may have.

An amazing colorful sensory experience

Asking the kids to smell various herbs at the farm is another unique experience. They relate where all those sweet and sour fragrances that they are used to in products come from.

From the simple mint to more complex fragrances from the Indian Borage to stronger curry smells give them exposure to a whole new world direct and fresh from the plants.

Smelling and looking at the colorful diversity of flowers at the farm just makes the whole event even more memorable.

From exploration and discovery to understanding scientific concepts in the field (depending on the age group), the children get to appreciate nature and develop a personal connection with the plants and animals.

Kids connection with Health

The direct relationship that is built with the kids actually seeing the plants and fruits at the farm and then talking about the health benefits helps the kids to accept and appreciate the food even more. Even having some of the kids shout out that they like GREEN VEGGIES gets the rest of the kids intrigued and interested as well.

Planting activities and more

After the farm tour, the kids also have an optional panting activity where the kids are taught to make a simple potting mix and they get to individually plant. They even get to take the plants back home with them!

We at Urban Hijau are NOT the typical conventional farm with poisons (pesticides etc.) sprayed all over the farm. We are all natural and organic. 🙂

Notes for joining!

It is important that the kids are prepared accordingly for the farm visit. Here is a list of suggestions:

  1. Wear a cap or a hat
  2. Bring your own water bottles to stay hydrated
  3. Wear long sleeves (pants and shirts) – preferable
  4. About 2 teachers are recommended to join for every 10 children

Please inform us early @ [email protected] or by using the form below to schedule a tour.

Childrens Farm Tour Form
1-2 adults are allowed for every 10 children free of cost to help manage the children.
* Lunch provided will be using mostly farm vegetables as an additional cost.