Urban Hijau

CSR Sponsorships

Create Direct Impact

Companies interested to create direct impact in terms of the Malaysian environment and community are open to explore the CSR opportunities offered by Urban Hijau. As an urban agriculture site that is dedicated towards urban waste management, recycling, tree planting and other forms of green growth. Urban Hijau has developed specific programs that allow sponsors to create positive measurable results that benefit people and planet alike.

Farm Tour for Underprivileged Children

At Urban Hijau, we have been supporting group activities for children as they are ultimately our future. 

Join us and sponsor groups of up to 30 underprivileged children to visit our site for a direct farm tour and hands-on plant potting exercise.

They learn and take the plants with them and carry the message ahead to a sustainable future.

Guerilla Planting Package

Let your company team come to Urban Hijau and learn firsthand onsite the best practices for dealing with the soil and preparing planting mix for young saplings. 

Under our guidance, participants prepare 100-500 plants in a packed morning session. 

Later, these plants are personally delivered as gifts to schools for underprivileged children, along with a green education message of how to take care of these plants.

Youth Sustainability Package

Help support the next generation of sustainability experts. 

Sponsors can support training programs to have youth groups learn composting and other techniques in workshops and commit to planting in their own local areas. 

Sponsors can also support talented youth over a three to six month period who can be mentored and groomed onsite as sustainable farming apprentices.