Sow Together, Grow Together

Saqib Sheikh manages events and business development for Urban Hijau. A media trainer and writer by profession, Saqib completed his Permaculture Design Certificate in 2013. He is also an organizer of the UNRIBA campaign for financial/monetary awareness. His interests are in social entrepreneurship and community engagement.​​

Hannah Suhaili is a trained Speech Language Pathologist for children, and completed her Permacultre Design Certificate in 2013. She assists in coordination and logistics for the various events conducted at Urban Hijau. 

Mohd Nazzer provide Technology and Social Media direction and implementation for Urban Hijau. A technology evangelist with over 17 years in various industry mainly under IT management. Currently working for Singapore largest media company, winner of numerous international awards and accolades including Asian Television Awards’ Terrestrial Broadcaster of the Year. Mohd Nazzer completed his Permaculture Design Certificate in 2013. His interests are in community engagement & continous life long learning; mainly in Parenting and Permaculture. He is also an active Parent Support Group (PSG) Executive Committee representing his children school and hand picked by Ministry of Education (MOE) for PSG mentoring program.

Muneeb is the Site Manager for Urban Hijau and founder and lead trainer for Sedida Sdn Bhd. He completed the Permaculture Design Certificate course taught by Mustafa Fatih Bakir in Malaysia in January 2012 and has since been organizing the Permaculture Design Certificate Courses and was a co-teacher for several sessions and has also been a speaker in other events.​​

Chan Li Jin is an adviser for Urban Hijau. a health writer-cum-urban farmer who is passionate about health and wellness. Having interviewed thousands of people including doctors, patients, caregivers, sick children, and healthcare professionals over the last 15 years, she has come to realise that disease is an imbalance in the mind, body and soul. She regards gardening as a holistic way for people of all ages to stay healthy and happy, and advocates gardening as a powerful tool in community development, out-of-classroom education and mental health promotion.